Staff Well-Being

Services delivered on-site and are tailored towards specific needs.
On Offer:
- Introduction to the Alexander Technique for Groups & Individuals.
- Tai Chi for small groups

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Using THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE to help reduce stress at the workplace, in a very practical way, by observing and better understanding our way of moving, sitting, standing, bending...
It could be very beneficial for staff sitting at the desk in front of the computer.
Many computer users suffer from repetitive strain injury, chronic back pain,headaches.
The teacher shows you how to:
*Sit upright without strain.
*Prevent tension and spinal compression.
*Encourage more fluid motion.
It is well documented that stress can lead to a variety of musculoskeletal problems, as well as the obvious effects on mental health and therefore the ability of staff to fulfill their functions within the working environment.
The workshops will provide the individual with the ability not only to deal with stress but also to improve aspects of maneuvering and handling.
Taking on a practical and theoretical basis. This means that the participants are able to learn ways in which they can reduce stress.
Alexander Technique for performers
Improved self-awareness allows them to get rid of poor habits and develop a wider repertoire of skills, to deliver the best performance of which they are capable.
The technique could be of great benefit to many types of artistic projects, helping the process in a practical way, and facilitating artistic expression.


"Thanks for the excellent sessions you provided for us this week. We appreciated the calm atmosphere and encouraging tone of the session. It really helped us to take in what we were learning. It was so good to have the sessions here in our workplace since we were able to show you some of our concerns about our procedures. In turn, you showed us the correct approach to them on-site. We are all much more aware of our movements and feel that it has been of great value both in general terms and in how we approach our work."
Laura Hogg
Education Development Librarian at Glasgow Gaelic School.

"Michal has been employed by the Centre for Lifelong Learning for several years, teaching on the Evening and Weekend Programme of Classes for Adults. She has tutored classes in Alexander Technique, and I can report that I have found her to be a committed and conscientious teacher whose work has attracted extremely positive student evaluations. Her efforts have resulted in extremely popular classes which provide positive learning experiences for her students. Her classes are consistently oversubscribed. I am very impressed at her calm and methodical approach to her classes as well as her pedagogical insights and academic knowledge of the Alexander Technique".
Raymond A Thomson DMus PhD MA BA DipMus CertEd
Deputy Director of Lifelong Learning

"The teacher was extremely informative and very good at communicating with all people. She took time to assist each person individually and with time".
Una Fingleton
Senior Radiographer at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital

"This was a very helpful course and I have tried to implement the things I have learnt. I have also already applied some of the principles and concepts in my practice with other patients. Many thanks".
Paul Williams

"There wasn’t any weaknesses in this introductory course . Michal was extremely good at communicating the posture one should adopt while walking, sitting and bending ,something that has made me more aware of my body and tension".
Margaret Woods
Biomedical Scientist

"I am increasingly aware of when movement is wrong but need to focus on not doing and letting things happen naturally.
I would hope to progress to a stage when the natural happens naturally.
I am very keen to pursue additional group sessions."

Shirley McCoort
Head Occupational Therapist at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital

Tango Workshop
“I have known Michal for some years. Michal has been teaching me one-to-one lessons and has also taught several Alexander Technique workshops to our tango pupils. Michal has a great understanding of the Alexander Technique which she shares with passion and exceptional skill. In her one-to-one lessons she is always alert to one's individual needs. When working with a group Michal engages everyone in a very natural way. Michal's profound expertise and charismatic personality make her lessons always a treat!”
Catherine - Tango Tipica

"It was enjoyable and a very useful class. although the technique takes time to master, I already see benefits."

"I really enjoyed the workshop and understood the potential of the Alexander Technique in improving posture and save any back pain."

"Even in the short introduction you can feel the benefit and difference. Excellent teacher, made you feel at ease."