Onsite Workshops for Groups & Individuals

Alexander Technique & Tai Chi for Groups & Individuals
Delivered at the Client's Place

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Using THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE to help reduce stress at the workplace, in a very practical way, by observing and better understanding our way of moving, sitting, standing, bending...
It could be very beneficial for staff sitting at the desk in front of the computer.
Many computer users suffer from repetitive strain injury, chronic back pain,headaches.
The teacher shows you how to:
*Sit upright without strain.
*Prevent tension and spinal compression.
*Encourage more fluid motion.
It is well documented that stress can lead to a variety of musculoskeletal problems, as well as the obvious effects on mental health and therefore the ability of staff to fulfil their functions within the working environment.
The workshops will provide the individual with the ability not only to deal with stress, but also to improve aspects of manoeuvring and handling.
Taking on a practical and theoretical basis. This means that the participants are able to learn ways in which they can themselves reduce stress.
Alexander Technique for performers
Improved self-awareness allows them to get rid of poor habits and develop a wider repertoire of skills, to deliver the best performance of which they are capable.
The technique could be of great benefit to many types of artistic projects, helping the process in a practical way, facilitating artistic expression.

TAI CHI Workshops & Classes for Groups & Individuals at your Workplace or ideally,
a Suitable Private Outdoor Space.
Tai Chi Chuan 24 & 48, Long Yang and 32 sword form, are some of the forms I practice.