Michal Segal

Through the study of the Alexander Method, you will sharpen the proprioceptive sense.
Proprioception is the sense of self-movement, balance and body position.
It is often unnoticed because humans will adapt to a continuously present stimulus habitually, while unnoticed actions or sensations, like an excessive and unnecessary use of tension for example, will continue in the background while an individual's attention can move to another concern...
these unconscious harmful elements are the physical manifestation of mental stress and could lead to psychophysiological disorders - Psychological disorders that involve mental stress causing or exacerbating physical issues.
The Alexander technique addresses these unconscious elements by bringing attention to them and by learning to facilitate a new healthier way of being.

I started learning the Alexander Technique over 30 years ago and have been teaching in Glasgow since 1993.
Trained as a teacher of the Alexander Technique at The North London Teacher Training Course (1990-1993) with Misha Magidov among many other inspiring teachers. Certified by STAT(Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique).
For a period of two years(1990-1992) I had regular individual lessons with Margaret Goldie (1905-1997), who was trained by Alexander himself.
I have been learning & teaching Tai Chi Chuan for the last 30 years.

Work Experience includes:
Teaching private lessons to the public since 1993, courses for Lifelong Learning at the University of Strathclyde, the Arc of Caledonian University and Langside College. Workshops for groups of hospital staff, office and university staff, athletes, actors, dancers, musicians, singers, a choir, golfers, horse riding, public speaking, speech disorder and more....