About the Teacher

I have started learning the Alexander Technique 32 years ago and have been teaching in Glasgow since 1993.
Trained as a teacher of the Alexander Technique at The North London Teacher Training Course (1990-1993) with Misha Magidov among many other inspiring teachers. Certified by STAT(Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique).
For a period of two years(1990-1992) I had regular individual lessons with Margaret Goldie (1905-1997), who was trained by Alexander himself.

My work has been greatly influenced by Tai Chi, which I have been practicing for the last 30 years.

Work Experience includes:
Teaching private lessons to the public since 1993, courses for Lifelong Learning at the University of Strathclyde, the Arc of Caledonian University and Langside College. Workshops for groups of hospital, office and university staff, actors, dancers, musicians, singers, a choir, golfers, horse riding and the list goes on....

I love teaching, getting to know people and helping them by facilitating positive changes.
Teaching the Alexander Technique is not just work for me but a direction for life.
The technique has helped me greatly and I am always learning new things about the connection between how we feel and how it manifests itself in the way we use ourselves physically.
I believe that If we listen to our body it could offer us a great insight towards how we feel.
By becoming aware of the way we use ourselves when going about our activities of daily living, we are embarking on a journey, equipped with the right tools to change what might need changing.