Online Teaching via Zoom

Alexander believed that by not doing the wrong, the right will have the opportunity to take care of itself.
NOT TO DO is the ability to stop, in order to allow something new to happen.
THE MEANS-WHEREBY to project the new DIRECTIONS necessary for maintaining the optimal USE OF THE SELF...

Michal Segal has pioneered a new method of delivering private lessons online in a constructive way, with a unique observational assessment of practical skills.
Lessons Online offer a different approach to teaching & learning.
Teaching is conducted by verbal directions, observation, demonstration and sensible advice.

Lessons will sharpen your proprioceptive sense, ADDRESS YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS and will assist you in identifying and preventing harmful postural habits that could aggravate or be the cause of stress, pain and under - performance.
Part of the lesson will include lying down on the floor (or a suitable bed when not possible) in the classic semi-supine position, which allows maximum support and can offer relief from pain. *please allow camera field inclusion.

This basic short form does not require a big space and could be easily practiced indoors.
Study tai chi basic postures while applying methods taken from the Alexander Technique to improve posture and reduce tension.
Tai chi is an effective exercise for health of mind and body. The gentle flowing movements strengthen. The body, reduce stress and improve balance and coordination.

Lessons require high speed internet connection and enough space for a full body length view in the camera field.

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